Effective Organizing

Posted July 22, 2015

Organizing Buklod as a political party nationwide is a huge challenge.  But it can be done.  The aim is to attract qualified citizens from all walks of life to be members of the Party.  The goal is to get more than a million citizens to become members of the Party.  From these members, the Party’s electoral candidates will be chosen.  The Party will contest every national and local elective position.

As envisioned, the Party’s organizational structure will allow for the smooth flow of party authorization, directives and information from the top to the bottom – from the National (Central) Committee to the provincial/city committees to town committees – and from the bottom to the top.  Each town committee will designate a “shadow” barangay captain in every barangay.

As the Party is being organized, appropriate organizing manuals will be prepared to help the organizers attract members into the Party and propagate uniform Party messages to the people.  Effective communication techniques, including the use of emblems and symbols, will be employed.  Modern information technology will be used in coordinating Party activities and disseminating Party information.

Necessary Funding is Expected to come from Citizens

To be successful, the Party must generate adequate funds to finance its activities and the various election campaigns. To the extent that the Party is able to successfully communicate its objectives and the sincerety of its purpose to the people, it is expected that the citizens themselves will voluntarily provide funds and free time to help carry out the mission of the Party.

The Road Ahead is Difficult, but not Impossible

The path chosen by the Party is indeed a difficult one, but it is not impossible to successfully journey down this path and therefore reach the desired destination.  The Party has chosen this approach as it is the only peaceful way to bring about the much needed change that will finally end the suffering that our people have been enduring for so long.  A military intervention or any armed struggle will not do it.  An immediate change in the form of government is at best merely a palliative.  The Party is embarking on a peaceful means to bring about long-lasting change and improvement in our people’s lives.  Yes, it is a very difficult journey, but it is worth a good try.  We ask all Filipinos to join us in this quest.  Let us all act to bring about a new Filipino nation!

Why “Buklod”?

The Party has chosen Buklod as its name to describe precisely the characteristic of the organization which it plans to put together to achieve the Party’s objectives and beliefs.  As stated earlier, these objectives and beliefs can only be achieved by a cohesive and united group of well-meaning Filipinos who aspire to pursue successfully the same purposes.  A Filipino word that describes well this group characteristic is Buklod.  It also means Pagkakaisa.  Its English equivalent is Union.

Mabuhay ang Buklod!

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