Buklod aims to gain control of the Philippine government, both the Presidency and majority of the two Houses of Congress, if not immediately then eventually.

To be able to effectively and successfully pursue and implement its ideology, documented as Buklod Objectives and Beliefs.

Yes, provided that there is an upfront enforceable agreement between Buklod and the other parties on how to move the country forward.

They are already trapped in their current ways and tainted, rightly or wrongly, by the failures of the past. Moreover, the country needs new faces and new thinking.

The Party will:

  • articulate its ideology
  • attract/recruit members who believe in the ideology and will support and help in its successful implementation
  • draw from its membership leaders and candidates for elective office
  • campaign for election of Buklod candidates
  • implement Buklod’s ideology upon successful election of its members; this will result in the substantial improvement of people’s lives and the creation of a better Philippines

It could be, but not necessarily; Buklod’s movement may create a spark.

Buklod aims to make itself well-known for its ideology and vision for the country, so that Buklod candidates would have a fair chance of winning.

Buklod (the messenger) will articulate its ideology (the message) to the Filipino people. When the people accept this ideology and elect Buklod candidates, the ideology will become the people’s own. When elected, Buklod will uphold and implement the ideology for and on behalf of the people.

  • be a Party member
  • recruit other members
  • spread Buklod’s ideology
  • volunteer as Party leader
  • express interest in running for office under Buklod
  • participate in Buklod-led community and other

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