Founding Statement

nes_3705web-300x200Desirous of contributing in a substantial manner to the realization of much needed reforms in the political and economic development of the Philippines, we, Benjamin R. Punongbayan, Efren H. Mercado, and Alfredo J. Non, voluntarily bind ourselves together to found on this day, April 16, 2009, a new national political party under the name of Buklod.

As a political party, Buklod’s objective is to gain political power under the existing electoral system and rules.  Buklod aims to replace the present leaders with an entirely new set of leaders who do not carry the baggage and ineffectual governance of the past.  These leaders will be concerned citizens who have not been previously elected into government office or appointed to a national position.  These leaders will be a completely new set of faces and they will carry out their accountability to the Filipino people with care and seriousness of purpose.

The Founders will seek to develop Buklod so that the Party will be composed of members who are all dedicated to the pursuit of the same objectives and beliefs.  In this way, the Party members, when elected, will have cohesiveness and unity of purpose in achieving the Philippine Government’s objectives and goals.

In developing the Party and serving the Filipino people, the members of Buklod will all be guided by the principles and aspirations contained in the Party’s document, Party Objectives and Beliefs, which serves as the Party’s political platform.

The Founders will endeavor to pursue the successful development of Buklod as a political party and the full realization of its political objectives. In this way, Buklod and its members will become the main instrument in propelling the Philippines to the most desirable level of political development for the state and for the economic prosperity of the Filipino people.

To these aspirations, we dedicate ourselves.

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