Buklod as a Movement

Posted July 21, 2015

Buklod is a movement designed to bring together and organize like-minded Filipinos who wish to pursue and make much-delayed improvements in the lives of the Filipino people.  For the past six decades, the elected and other leaders of the nation have failed miserably to uplift the economic well-being of most Filipinos.  In fact, the nation’s development has declined in relative terms compared with its neighbors and its peers since the end of the Second World War.  Practically every form of public service has deteriorated and continues to deteriorate – education, health care and nutrition, peace and order, police protection, environment protection, waste disposal and many others.  The nation’s important institutions are weakened and continue to break down– the educational system, the judicial system, the electoral system, and the legislative and executive functions of government.  There is rampant graft and corruption that appears to afflict all levels of government.  This has resulted in a distorted and unfair distribution of economic benefits and retarded growth for the nation.  The present leaders appear helpless and do not show any motivation to eradicate this scourge.  Poverty and lack of human shelter continue to plague the nation, and efforts at alleviating these worst kinds of human degradation have not improved.  Worse, the number of people who barely meet the lowest level of subsistence requirements, and are therefore deprived of proper nutrition, is increasing and there seems to be no solution in sight to stop this growing crisis.

Buklod will try to put an end to this paralysis and ineffectual public governance.  It aims to do this by:

  • Propagating a set of objectives and beliefs that, when carried out, will lead to a much better life for all Filipinos.
  • Using this set of objectives and beliefs as a rallying point to bring together and organize like-minded Filipinos and gain political power for the purpose of carrying out those objectives and beliefs.

These objectives and beliefs are contained in a document that summarizes such objectives and beliefs and the ways by which these can be achieved or put in place in the national scene.  The principal objective is to strive to build a strong and economically well-developed country that, among others, promotes and provides equitable distribution of wealth among its people.

In trying to achieve this general objective, the Party’s primary focus is to substantially alleviate, if not completely eliminate, poverty through direct state intervention by:

  • Systematically providing shelter to the existing homeless and illegal dwellers and those becoming homeless in the future.
  • Making land reform and agricultural development much more effective and beneficial to more people.
  • Substantially improving education and encouraging the schooling population to stay in school and finish their elementary and high school education to make them much more productive later in life.
  • Providing universal health care program that will adequately cover the poor; even before the establishment of such program, providing proper nutrition to the infant children of the poor and subsidizing the treatment of rare diseases and deformities among the poor.

The Party’s objectives and beliefs also cover other important areas of nation building and development, namely:

  • Growing the economy to benefit all Filipinos by implementing necessary reforms on all important fronts, particularly in the areas of global positioning, free market, competition, infrastructure development, taxation, capital market development, effective regulation, and population management.
  • Solving the protracted NPA and MILF conflicts.
  • Improving the effectiveness of government by decentralizing it to a much greater extent and reforming the funding mechanism for local governments.
  • Reducing the size of the national bureaucracy so as to make it more efficient, and at the same time making the compensation of government workers competitive to that of private industry workers.
  • Substantially reducing, if not completely eliminating, graft and corruption.
  • Stopping the continuing degradation of the environment and then restoring it to the level of world standards.
  • Adopting and implementing a comprehensive land use code to provide an orderly, wholesome, beneficial and efficient use of land and water resources.
  • Seriously modernizing the armed forces, particularly the forces fighting the insurgencies, the Coast Guard and the Navy.
  • Purging the police force of corruption and making it much more effective in preventing and fighting crime.
  • Reforming the judicial and prosecution systems and ridding them of corruption.
  • Making a clear decision on the choice of a common language to be used in everyday life and in school and laying down the processes for effective long-term implementation.
  • Making clear to each Filipino that he or she is also responsible for his or her own progress and development and in the pursuit of national well-being; and that each one must respect the rights of others.
  • In trying to achieve any of these objectives, if necessary, providing the President of the Philippines emergency powers of fixed duration to deal with specific areas of concern.

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