Buklod as a Political Party

Posted July 22, 2015

Recognizing that the present leaders are no longer capable of providing solutions to the country’s enormous and difficult problems and of leading this country to prosperity, Buklod has organized itself as a political party to try to gain political power under the existing electoral system and rules.  As a political party it aims to replace the present leaders with an entirely new set of leaders who do not carry the baggage and the ineffectual governance practices of the past.  These leaders are concerned citizens who have not been previously elected into government office or appointed to a national office position.  These leaders will be a completely new set of faces who will carry out their accountability to the Filipino people with care and seriousness of purpose.

Buklod is a Different Kind of Political Party

Because the members of the Party are dedicated to the pursuit of the same objectives and beliefs, the Party will have cohesiveness and unity of purpose in achieving the government’s objectives and goals.  This is a very important differentiation.  As a unified group, the Party will be able to make, in a timely manner, the difficult and complex decisions that are needed to propel the country to prosperity.

To keep the Party a cohesive group, it will be organized and developed under the following principles:

  • The Party will always be more important than any of its members.  The Party affiliation will make the difference in any election, and not the popularity or standing of any of its electoral candidates.  The factors that will make this difference will be embodied in the Party’s internal policies and procedures, which will include policies relating to selection of candidates, election campaign funding, election campaign strategies, and the like.
  • Internal discipline will be strictly imposed.  Any member who deviates from the Party’s principles and aims will be expelled from the Party.  This discipline policy and the preeminence of the party over its members will provide the cohesiveness and unity that the Party needs to realize its objectives and uphold its beliefs.

Unfairness in Present Electoral Process can be Overcome

Buklod believes that in every Filipino, there is a desire to break free from the present paralysis and contribute in bringing about a just, fair and prosperous society.  It is the Party’s aim and challenge to find effective ways to rekindle this desire.  To the extent that the Party is able to make most Filipino citizens realize that they have the collective power to steer the country towards the right path to progress, then the Party and its members can, through organized citizen action, overcome such unfair electoral practices such as:  vote buying; voter intimidation; cheating – in the precincts or in vote summarization; and COMELEC partiality.

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