Buklod Ideology

Posted July 22, 2015

Eradicate poverty

  • Relocate all illegal settlers and provide them with decent housing, particularly those living on sidewalks, under bridges, and along banks of rivers and other waterways
  • Strengthen land reform law and successfully enforce it

Pursue agricultural development with vigor and intensity

Substantially improve education

  • Motivate parents to keep their children in school and provide students with support, such as free meals and transportation
  • Extend primary/secondary education to 12 years from the current 10 years

Establish affordable health program for the poor

Immediately provide free treatment for fixable physical deformities (e.g., cleft palate, club foot) and selected rare diseases of children

Improve/sustain economic growth

  • Promote fair distribution of economic wealth
  • Promote high level of employment
  • Select and promote industries where Filipinos can excel in a global environment

Foster fair competition and trade dealing, thus easing the process of starting a business and promoting creativity

Develop a robust capital market

Draft and implement overall plan for infrastructure development relating to irrigation systems, national highways, railways, bridges, ports, airports and others

Conduct a comprehensive review of the tax system and implement reforms to make taxation a strong driver of economic progress

  • Reduce tax rates where possible to generate more economic activities

Renegotiate but not repudiate foreign national debt

Carry out population management that is acceptable to the people

Provide solutions to the NPA/MILF conflicts

Implement further decentralization to LGUs

  • Base allocation of national funds on local economic need
  • Reject federalism, which is not a solution,  but a step backward

Substantially reduce, if not completely eradicate, graft and corruption, especially at high levels of government

Stop degradation of environment

  • Stop illegal logging and reforest denuded areas
  • Clean the waterways and the air

Adopt a comprehensive land use code that allows for a pleasant living environment for all citizens and promotes efficient utilization of land resources

Modernize the Armed Forces

  • Give first priority to: modern/adequate equipment for ground troops deployed to conflict areas, and the needs of the Coast Guard and the Navy

Make the National Police a much more effective force in preventing and fighting crime

  • Support and preserve the national character of the police force, which provides check and balance in the use of the force

Recommend to the people a single language to be used in everyday life and in school to promote greater creativity and spur national progress

  • Submit recommendation in a referendum

Raise citizens’ awareness regarding their responsibility for their own progress and Development

  • Make them realize the importance of helping themselves
  • Make them accept their obligation to respect the rights of other citizens


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