Buklod was approved for registration by the Commission on Election (COMELEC) on November 2009. Registration documents  may be viewed  here.

Comelec Accreditation

The Party Province, City, and Town Committees may produce the Buklod flag for their use in their respective areas.  Presented here are the specifications for the production of the Flag.  These specifications must be followed, including the prescribed shade of the flag’s green color.The standard-sized flag made of cloth, that has already been produced measures 5 feet in length and 3 feet in width.  For flag poles, aluminum may be used.

The Party Province, City and Town committees are required to display the flags, as many as possible, during Party rallies, internal Party meetings, and Party Town Hall meetings for membership development.

To access the Buklod Flag Construction guide, please click the link below to download the file:

Buklod Flag

This three-fold flyer includes frequently asked questions (FAQs) that will give readers a better idea of what Buklod is about and what it hopes to achieve. It also contains Buklod’s message, a summary of the specific efforts the Party intends to work on for the improvement of the nation.
Those who are interested are welcome to reproduce the official Buklod flyer. To print a few copies using a personal printer you will need two pages of white bond paper, A4 size. Click on the link below to access a .pdf copy of the flyer. Print the document using either a colored or black & white printer. With both pages right side up, glue the two pages back-to-back on the unprinted side. Using the text as marker, make three folds on the flyer. The section with the Buklod logo should appear on the front and the section with Buklod’s contact details should be the last page. click here: Buklod Flyer to send flyer by email. Click on the link below and save the .pdf version of the flyer to send as an attachment through email.

Click here: Buklod Flyer PDF

To mass print through printing press

You will need C2S 70lbs paper, A4 size. Click on the link below for the PageMaker file of the flyer, which the printer will use to mass print the document.

mass print

Note:  A member will choose one or the other. You will need to have Adobe Reader installed to view and print the files below. Please choose one of the following links: Buklod Oath of Membership -or- Buklod Affirmation of Membership

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