To continue to assert and preserve our right in the West Philippine Sea is a sacred duty of our generation

Posted September 25, 2020

Ben Punongbayan, Chairman and Founder of Buklod, a national political party, announces that: Buklod is elated that President Duterte has asserted to the world our economic rights in the West Philippine Sea as has been confirmed in by the UNCLOS arbitral award in 2016.

Buklod feels concerned, though, that subsequent developments indicate that the Philippines will may continue to leave the arbitral award in the shelves.

Punongbayan acknowledges that this a matter that should be dealt with by experts in foreign affairs. But inaction, especially over some period of time, may be interpreted by interested parties as abandonment of our rights over the West Philippine Sea.

“Our diplomats may need to craft and execute a plan of action that will clearly preserve, and avoid losing by default, our proven rights.  We owe this much to future generations of Filipinos.  It is a solemn obligation that we have to pass on to succeeding generations of Filipinos until the time when the Filipino nation may gain clear possession of that right,” said Punongbayan.

The international community is in our side, as clearly indicated by the recent unilateral action of the United Kingdom, France and Germany, apparently without prompting from us. We must take advantage of that very positive development, he said.

Punongbayan emphasized: “To continue to assert and preserve our right in the West Philippine Sea is a sacred duty of our generation”


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