What keeps the Philippine government weak?

Posted September 4, 2020

Buklod, a national political party, joins our fellow citizens in enduring the hardships brought about by the currently raging COVID-19 contagion. These present difficulties highlight once again the ineptness of our government, present and past, in dealing with such devastating occurrences.

The poor government response to such emergencies may not be surprising to many in the sense that the Philippine government has continually been weak and mostly ineffectual in handling its obligations and responsibilities to the nation over the years.

Buklod has been organized to provide a response to this government ineffectiveness by bringing about the establishment of a strong and effective government that can deal successfully with the present huge and existential problems affecting the Filipino people.

Slum area in Manila Photo by Bindue

Slum area in Manila Photo by Bindue

The overriding issue that keeps the government weak is the continuing hold on power by the present political oligarchy composed of 100 or so political family dynasties. By perpetuating its hold on power, this oligarchy limits our choice of leaders to their family members and effectively prevents other earnestly willing potential leaders with fresh ideas and stronger determination to serve the country as national leaders. An oligarchic political system is necessarily self-serving and breeds perpetual corruption.


Break the hold on power

With the necessary help from the Filipino electorate, Buklod aims to break the hold on power by this oligarchy.

A Buklod government will give priority to three fundamental problems:

  • to substantially reduce poverty;
  • to overhaul education; and
  • to adopt a primary language.

Buklod will endeavor to provide the homeless and near-homeless with decent housing. The Party will also provide those Filipinos below the poverty line with an unconditional guaranteed basic income. With these assistance, we anticipate the poor to break out of poverty and further improve their lives and, in the process, help in the national pursuit for sustained economic development.


The program

The Party will implement a comprehensive program to vastly improve education to enable every Filipino to achieve economic success in their personal lives. Such an education program will comprehend increasing the high school graduation rate from the current rate of a little over 60%; substantially improving teaching methods at non-tertiary levels; incentivising tertiary education towards a shift to the physical sciences, mathematics, high-technology, biology and the arts; and providing non-university youth free access to finishing vocational skills.

Students attending a symposium in school. Photo by SM Sanchez

Students attending a symposium in school. Photo by SM Sanchez

At present the present use of language divides the Filipinos between those who are fluent in English and those in the larger majority who do not understand and cannot express themselves well in English. What makes this situation worse is that English is generally the language of the government and of the media that deals with economic and political discourses, analyses and debates.

Clearly, there is a wide lack of effective communication among Filipinos. This lamentable condition is a big impediment to our economic and political development. To remove this obstacle, Buklod will push for the use of a single language in our daily lives.


Filipino rice farmers in Laguna province. Photo by IRRI Images

Filipino rice farmers in Laguna province. Photo by IRRI Images

Greater attention will be given to agriculture, the sector where much of our citizens earn their living. We will endeavour to significantly improve productivity by the application of more effective land use; increased construction of the necessary infrastructure; and use of modern technology and better processes.


Buklod will shift the country towards a high-value and high-technology economy. This will entail installing faster communication network and wider and less expensive power distribution facilities.

There are many other areas of government activities where the Party has taken clear positions in making their operations conducive to the betterment of the lives of the Filipinos. Among these government functions are the local governments units, police, military, unified and effective disaster response, environment protection, to name some.

Buklod is strongly dedicated to fostering the general welfare of the Filipino people and strengthening the country’s ability in dealing with global concerns and issues.

We will solicit the help of the Filipino people in realizing all these aspirations. We hope you will grant us your valuable and absolutely necessary assistance and support.


Our Founder


Benjamin R. Punongbayan


Punongbayan & Araullo





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